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Grand Hotel Bansko houses a club from the best fitness chain in Bulgaria – Pulse Fitness&Spa. Here, you will find everything you need for your active relaxation and full-fledged workout.

At your disposal are state-of-the-art equipment with free weights or resistance machines, dumbbells, benches, and more. All of them are from the latest professional Techno Gym series, providing numerous options for your dynamic and effective strength training. In the strength area, you have access to the latest generation Techo Gym equipment from their most luxurious Element+ series. The elegant and functional design and comfortable ergonomic bio-seats contribute to better workout effects and reduce the risk of injuries.

The cardio zone offers Techno Gym professional series equipment – cross trainers, steppers, rowing machines, stationary bikes, and more. These machines are specially made for Pulse and have no analogs in Europe.
The stretching area provides an excellent opportunity and the best way to improve flexibility and skeletal muscle recovery. Stretching exercises have many positive effects on the body, helping with muscle balance, relaxation, recovery, and growth.

Pulse Camp

Pulse Camp is the only sports camps in Bulgaria held for 3 or 5 days at Grand Hotel Bansko several times a year.
They combine active workouts with varying intensities, diverse high and low-intensity group activities, mountain hikes, relaxation in the hotel’s extensive spa center, as well as spa procedures and adequate rest time.
During the camp, participants follow a specially designed fitness menu that aligns with the training program.

Pulse Camp is the best form of active relaxation for people who have recognized the need to care for themselves in every aspect – physical, mental, and spiritual.
The program for Pulse Camp is developed by professional fitness instructors from Pulse Fitness & Spa, in collaboration with the master chefs at Grand Hotel Bansko.

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