The new hot spot in the heart of Pirin

Grand Hotel Therme

The magic of Pirin

The warmth of Grand Hotel Therme

Austrian style, luxury accommodation,  international cuisine and perfection from  nature…

Grand Hotel Therme makes your vacation unforgettable. Through its special services, it offers you an exceptional experience.

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Double Bed

176 designer EXECUTIVE and FAMILY ROOMS with a unique opening view of the mountain

5 amazing outdoor and 4 indoor pools with thermal water

Room Service

10 unique restaurants and bars

A 5000 m2 SPA oasis for you to pamper and recharge all your senses.

Multipurpose playground


Innovative, ultramodern, unparalleled fitness club, part of the Pulse chain

The Kingdom of Treasures - a magical place for our little friends


Multifunctional Conference Center

Movie theater - for the craziest movie nights

A charging station for electric cars

Accommodation at the Grand Hotel Therme


Luxurious, Elegant
and Comfortable

Surrender to every moment

10 amazing restaurants & bars

For lovers of delicious food...

And not only!


Culinary masterpieces



The ideal destination for the whole family

The Mineral water and the SPA center of Grand Hotel Therme

The SPA complex is supplied with mineral water from a thermal spring located 3 km away from the village of Banya.

In the village of Banya, the mineral water springs with an average temperature of about 58°C. Its rich mineral composition is the reason for attributing various therapeutic properties to it against various health issues.

These healing properties have been known since ancient times. Some of the symbols of the village are the old Bulgarian bathhouse, built in Roman style, and the Turkish bath (hamam), indicating that SPA procedures have been traditional in the region for centuries. It is supposed that even Philip II, Alexander the Great’s father, sought treatment here. The preserved buildings of the old baths serve as a bridge, that connects traditional and ancient thermal procedures with the modern understanding of them.

The healing power of the mineral water, combined with the clean air of the region and our diverse SPA facilities, provide you with a truly unique experience of total relaxation here at Grand Hotel Therme.

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Traveler Rating: 9.2 Excellent

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